We know there's a real appetite to discover high-quality, locally-produced artisanal foods. However, we're also all busy, time-poor and artisan products aren’t always available right on our doorstep. But that’s all about to change.

ArtisanBox scours the country for the best small-batch, artisanal food producers and each month we bring you a curated selection of foods as well as the stories behind the makers and their produce. In short, ArtisanBox brings the farmers’ market home to you.

We then partner with you to learn more about what you like, and what you dislike so we can bring you more of what you love each month.

Join us at artisanbox.io on our journey. As a subscriber you'll have access to platform-only offers, be able to purchase more of what you love, and access other complimentary content.

Founder Simon Cliffe Profile

About the Founder

"After 10 years of working in ecommerce building other businesses from the ground up, I came to the point in my life where I wanted to do something linked to my passion for food and linked to creating some social good. I'm really excited to be bringing the ArtisanBox concept to market.

It's too easy to source low quality food, and there are currently many challenges to buying artisanal and local that have yet to be fully solved. ArtisanBox's mission is to be the solution for discerning consumers to discover & source the foods from the 1000s of artisanal producers in the U.K. whilst giving our producers an important new route to market".

Simon Cliffe, July 2023

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